Bahwan CyberTek (BCT) is an acclaimed CPA outsourcing and bookkeeping company that helps accounting firms shift their focus from routine accounting and bookkeeping services and invest more time in core business activities like acquiring new clients. With a proactive approach, we share the work load during peak seasons, help mitigate fraudulent activities and you save on administrative expenses.

Dedicated onshore, near-shore & offshore teams

We provide personalized support functioning as an extended arm of your existing teams from anywhere in the world. Our dedicated resources are ready at a moment’s notice to give you the confidence when closing the next big deal that you will be able to deliver for your clients.

Maximum value. Better and smarter work.

Leveraging technology, we deliver maximum value for firms by enabling them to work smarter while remaining cost effective. We create better work-life balance for associates, optimize productivity, reduce overall cost of operations and facilitate a growth environment.

The Digital Advantage in CPA Services

With readily available teams of CPA/CA experts having astute experience in U.S. GAAP standards, our teams come with high-level expertise and experience in handling local market challenges and processes. We put a priority on delivering services with quick turnaround times and within expected standards. Our local presence in the U.S. market equips us to support high-profile customers in the country and across the globe seamlessly, without any technology or service delivery delays.

As a global outsourcing services provider, BCT is a SOC 2 and HIPPA compliant, CMMI 5, ISO 9001:2008, and ISO 27001:2005 certified company. We are also ACCA-certified official partners, providing a work environment designed to support ACCA members and/or trainees.

Our Delivery Models

Flexible, agile and quick in turnaround times, we deliver CPA services through three delivery models:

Offshore & Nearshore

A highly established outsourced model with a low-cost structure and a faster time-to-market.

Onshore & Onsite

An extended office located onshore in the US for greater control.

Hybrid Model

A dynamically-priced model that provides onsite resources sourced globally for busy seasons and offshore support when required.

Our Sourcing Process

With a mature sourcing employee engagement process, we are able attract and retain the best talent in the industry.

Accounting Software Tools & Technologies

CCH® ProSystem fx®

Accounting, audit, analytics,
and risk and governance

Tools for PPC documents


Looking for a CPA services outsourcing partner?

We can ease your workload and create more time for meeting new clients. We can help you increase efficiency and share the stress of your busy seasons.

We specialize in helping firms create Remote Centers of Excellence from India for tax, audit, & bookkeeping services, to provide best-in-class accounting support

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