Audit services

Eliminate resource challenges & elevate your customer service

Customized audit services for businesses to enable financial accuracy, regulatory compliance, and optimal resource utilization.

Optimize your audit procedures with advanced tools and skilled resources

Internal audits can be time-consuming, expensive and resource-intensive. You can leverage technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence to speed the audit process, save costs, and free up key resources for your main business activities by working with a reputable service provider. Our audit services not only ensure your clients drive compliance for increased credibility, but they also provide useful insights to help them reduce and eliminate their risks.

We provide excellent service that improves your entire business's success by focusing on achieving stakeholder expectations.

Stay ahead of resource challenges and safeguard continuity in your operations

Staff shortages can lead to bottlenecks that hinder your growth and jeopardize stability. That's why our experienced resource solutions are here to help. With our risk-based auditing approach, we identify the critical risks that your management needs to address. By implementing the best controls, you'll be well-equipped to navigate any financial challenges that arise.

Don't let resource constraints hold you back. Empower your business with our expertise and ensure a smooth path to growth and financial security.

Some of our key capabilities

EBP (Employee benefit plan)

Maximize compliance with tailored audit planning to meet your clients unique needs while ensuring ERISA and regulatory adherence.

NFP (not-for-profit)

Ensure financial integrity and tax-exempt compliance for your non-profit organization through a rigorous examination of financial records.

Government audit

Gain confidence and transparency as we conduct thorough audits of public entities' financial, administrative, and operational processes.

Insurance audit

Safeguard insurance businesses with accurate risk valuation, liability procedures, and detailed financial statement analysis.

Investment audit

Maximize the potential of your clients' investments with customized solutions to optimize their investment portfolio.

Technology at our disposal

We maximize productivity and streamline workflows by using a range of integrated tax, accounting, and audit tools.

CCH ProSystem fx Engagement

Enhance audit efficiency, ensure compliance with regulations with CCH ProSystem fx Engagement. Streamline procedures, centralize collaboration, deliver high-quality audits. Robust security and compliance features enable greater productivity, accuracy, meeting regulatory standards.


Facilitate collaboration, enhance audit teams with CaseWare. Centralized platform for communication, real-time sharing. Automate tasks, reduce errors, improve efficiency. User-friendly interface, powerful features empower streamlined audits.

Checkpoint tools for PPC forms

Optimize audit processes with Checkpoint Tools for PPC forms. Includes PPC's Practice Aids Workpapers, Interactive Disclosure Libraries, and Engagement Letter Generator. Use independently or integrate with software solutions for efficient procedures. Enhance accuracy, save time, and achieve efficiency in audit engagements.

Choose BCT for smarter and efficient audits

Our priority is your needs, and we aim to deliver top-notch, impartial, and reliable audit services that cater to your unique requirements. Our focus is to provide you with insights and suggestions that will improve your financial reporting, internal controls, and overall business operations. Our team strives to exceed regulatory requirements by offering value-added services.

Subject matter experts

Our audit team has exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable individuals with deep knowledge and competence in audit and assurance services.

Tailored approach

We will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and requirements, tailoring the audit service to meet your specific needs.


We use the latest in technology in audit tools and software to offer you efficient and effective audit services.

Transform audit experiences with our strategic approach, latest technologies, and industry expertise. Let us handle the complexities while you stay focused on driving your business forward.