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The future of EBP auditing is here!

For Auditors, by Auditors

Experience a strategic shift in auditing with Radar360, our unique platform that redefines efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. Using advanced technology, Radar360 streamlines the Employee Benefit Plan auditing process effortlessly. With intuitive features and robust automation, Radar360 reinvents the audit experience, providing a seamless and hassle-free solution.

What is Radar360

Radar360 is the next-generation audit tool redefining industry standards through automation, customization, and real-time collaboration.
radar360 stands for Risk-based Audit and Data driven Analytic Reviews. It is an all-in-one audit automation platform designed for seamless workflows and compliance assurance. It helps auditors to save time, reduce errors, and enhance efficiency.



of time on work paper preparation



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Here is why Radar360 is the best fit for you

Experience efficiency with Radar360, the cutting-edge auditing platform that transforms the way you perform Employee Benefit Plan audits.

Increases efficiency

Redefine audit process by automating work paper preparation and attributes testing.

Reduces manual prepartion time

Expedite your auditing process, ensuring you meet deadlines without compromising quality.

Establishes audit trail

Presence of Audit Trail at every stage of report generation and analysis for consistency of information.

Mitigates risks

Reduce the risks through 100% testing of the population.

How is EBP audit in Radar360 different from traditional audit?

Preparation of Workpapers

Testing of the EBP Funds


Traditional EBP

Workpapers are prepared manually.

Cross-agreeing values between schedules to ensure consistency of information.

Manual application and interpretation of plan rules.

Transaction testing done on sample basis with a client follow up.

Preparation time increases with increase in participants.

Transaction testing done on sample basis along with a follow up with the client.

Radar360 EBP

Automatic workpaper generation and increased efficiency up to 50% of manual preparation time.

Audit trail at each stage of report generation and analysis for consistency of information.

System driven rule application (manual effort to interpret and summarize the rule in the plan).

100% of the data considered for analysis and testing.

Preparation time is not impacted due to the size of the participants, as all reports are autogenerated.

Increased efficiency and effectiveness of future audits as there is no dependency on changes within the team.

Here is how easy it is to use Radar360 for EBP audit

Radar360 features

Rule engine

Empower auditors with Radar360’s powerful rule engine, enabling the establishment of custom data validation rules.

Automated data mapping

Automate data mapping to save time, reduce manual errors, and boost efficiency.

Review and Sign-off Functions

Elevate documentation standards with Radar360’s built-in review and sign-off functions.

Data drilldown

Dig deeper into audit data and identify base transactions for thorough analysis and audit.

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